Bulldog Rack

Hi Line


  • 1" vertical adjustability utilizing round holes. The connector mates 9/16" diameter pins with the round holes.
  • Hi-Bolt retainer completes the connection providing ease of installation as well as strength.
  • Aisle frame with the front post doubled past the first shelf, a deflector foot and heavy bottom horizontal on Drive-In systems.
  • Space saver arms attach to rail through the vertical leg providing extra clearance for the pallets being stored.
  • The deflector foot protects the aisle-side anchor and is attached to a 3/8" thick base plate drilled to accept a 5/8" anchor.
Our professional engineers and outstanding sales staff work together with our dealer net-work to design a storage plan that fits all your unique warehouse needs. Our production team, equipped with state-of-the-art machinery in our 250,000 sq. ft. facilities, proudly produces high quality products for you.
Drive-In Drive-Thru Rack
Drive-in/drive-thru racks are the solution to high density bulk storage needs. We custom design every system to accommodate specific needs for the best possible usage of space. The systems are free standing with no ties to walls or ceilings required. drive-in/drive-thru systems are available using either Hi-Line or structural components.
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